Search the web like a ninja

Easily perform advanced searches using Google, Bing and websites.

For Windows 7 or later | Other platforms

Searchy literally turns the web into your personal guide

Add search scopes matching your needs to Searchy. Then just type anything you want to find into a right scope and get the search results narrowed by it.


Organize your search scopes

Searchy lets you perform searches using as many scopes as you want. Organize them in columns and group by categories.

Query Template

Don't waste time on typing similar search queries

Your daily routine consists of lots repetitive searches? With Searchy you can automate that. Just write a template for similar search queries and stop typing the same things over and over again.

Search Engines

Google and Bing are supported

Search using Google's and Bing's web, image, video and news search engines.

Advanced Search

Search using websites and advanced filters

Often performing searches on same websites? Spending much time on advanced search filters in Google or Bing? Searchy will simplify that too. Just add scopes for the websites and search filters, and use them like a boss.


Search without hassle

Each time you need to search something, just press Ctrl + Shift + Space to bring up the Searchy window.

Made with lots of and coffee

Being a freelance developer I often need to search something. And almost every time I have to enter the same words and phrases in the search bar, such as “how to ... with javascript”. It becomes even more annoying when I often need to limit a search to a specific website, and use the same search filters. So I decided to automate that kind of things. Initially I implemented a simple version of the automated searches as a tab in Freeter, but after getting a great feedback on it I decided to turn it into a standalone app with extended features. I hope Searchy will save your time and efforts too. Cheers.